Workers’ Compensation Administration One of the least promoted yet extremely valuable services to the client business is the risk management provided by the PEO in the areas of workers' compensation insurance and unemployment. PEOs aggressively manage claims in both areas. Why? Because a work comp or unemployment claim goes against the PEO's experience and could affect its ability to compete. This is one of the greatest benefits of the co-employer relationship. Imagine a construction company with 10 employees that incurs a $200,000 work comp claim. The owner does not have the resources to manage this claim and it goes against the company's experience. This, in turn, raises the work comp rates to a point that could literally drive that company out of business. A PEO, on the other hand, has a department that will manage this claim, working to find a quick resolution. These efforts will inevitably result in a much lower claim cost. Get more information about Workers Compensation Resources in your state. Claims review and administration Safety plan creation, administration and training Report and document accidents Work Comp billing reconciliation Safety audits and reviews OSHA Compliance Annual policy cost reviews Dividend plan reviews and audits NCCI mod rate reviews